Leadership 101: Three Fundamental Skills for Leaders

By Andrea Pitman, Owner, Executive Director and People Development Expert, The Nectar  Group and CWCC Member


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” J.F.K.

How does one even begin to learn something that seems so intangible like leadership? We hear about “natural born leaders” but is this reality? Are people just born with some innate ability that makes others get in line behind them?  It takes a lot of study, hard work, practice, and even some trial and error to become a successful leader.

Leadership requires three fundamental skills and these must be developed to the point that they seem natural. First, leaders must be able to Craft a Vision. This is being able to imagine an improved future state that a group will make into a reality through its efforts. Second, leaders must be able to Build Alignment. This is the ability to bring everyone in the group to a full understanding of the vision and gain their commitment to the direction that is being taken. Third, leaders are excellent at Championing Execution.  This means that they ensure that the conditions are present for the vision to be turned into a reality.

Neuroscience teaches that in order for a skill to become one’s default, as if you were born with it, it must reach a level of Automaticity. For this to occur, you must first develop a thorough understanding of the skill. Second, the new ability must be practiced until mastery is achieved. Then, by using the new skill consistently it becomes automatic! What took a lot of work will now look like it is an innate skill…like a born leader!

In the CWCC Transformational Leadership Program, participants have the opportunity to learn Leadership Best Practices, assess how their own skills measure up and learn practical tools for developing these skills. For more information visit:

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About Andrea Pitman
Andrea Pitman is a People Development Expert and owner of The Nectar Group. She is a Wiley Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, Clarity International Certified Shift Faculty Member, and a Master Certified Cognitive Brain Trainer with teaching certification. Andrea brings over 15 years of experience working with professionals, businesses, and families through cognitive brain training, consulting, and teaching.

The Nectar Group unlocks potential by providing personal and professional development for individuals and teams. With an assessment driven, custom approach based on neuroscience, The Nectar Group provides one-on-one cognitive brain training for clients ages 4 years old through senior adults to raise IQ and increase performance for greater success in work, school, and life. With business teams, The Nectar Group provides a unique approach to improving individual and team performance in the areas of workplace culture, sales, leadership, and management.

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