Member Profile: Sairoop Technologies

Sairoop Technologies, LLC was founded in 2008 by Rupali Raghavan. Rupali took a chance on a dream when she started Sairoop Technologies after quitting her day job (physics professor) to develop enterprise software for big companies. She soon she started hiring developers and putting together a team that could truly make a difference and now seeing that dream take flight.

Sairoop specializes in Salesforce implementation, customization and integration’s, B2B, B2C, web services and Marketing Automation. Sairoop Technologies exclusively works on Salesforce projects.
Rupali joined the CWCC 5 years ago in order to connect with women leaders in Colorado whom she admires and learn from their experience in the process. She has been a Board member for the past 9 months, bringing unique attributes, thought processes, and her perspectives as a woman of color.

“There are so many people in the world who can serve as your role models and help you make the huge impact in the world that you want. Amazing women are my inspiration.”
– Rupali Raghavan, CEO and Founder of Sairoop Technologies

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