The State of Women in Business: Why Should We Care?

Kristen BlessmanRunning a business, leading a business and even working in one, you’re probably like me a lot of the time. The only state of business I care about many days is the state of MY BUSINESS. And I happen to be in the business of ensuring that your women-owned business is growing and successful and that our member’s careers are flourishing.

I can completely relate to the late-night wake-up’s trying to figure out the next strategy, how you’re going to grow your business to the next stage of revenue, how you’re going to get that next client and even sometimes how you’re going to keep the lights on.

With this much pressure to grow your own business and career, why should you take time to learn about the state of ALL women in business at the 2nd Annual State of Women in Business Luncheon?

Because, simply stated, if we understand the state of business for all women, the overall economic climate improves, ultimately leading to better business for you, better career choices, and true systematic change. We can’t grow and change if we don’t take time to talk about it and get educated on the issues.

We need to communicate with one another; help lift each other up.

This type of communication and support creates a learning environment that allows us to realize that although growing our businesses and careers can be challenging, we are not alone. And in the end, this realization will help our businesses grow and our careers grow.

Let’s be honest, our entire business community really needs to see this growth. According to a study done by the Brooking’s Institute, barriers for workforce participation for women are actually stifling the U.S. economy and future economic success hinges on career prospects and working environments for all women.

If we can help solve issues for all women in business, learn about the barriers, and what we can do to change the statistics, our businesses and careers will grow, and our economy improves. Not a bad outcome for spending two hours at lunch!

So please join us for our next State of Women in Business Luncheon, presented by HealthONE on September 13.


  • Keynote address by Katica Roy, CEO of Pipeline Equity
    When We Make It All About Women, We Leave Out the Other Half of the Story
  • Issue Deep Dives with these incredible thought-leaders
    • Donna Lynne, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado
      Women in the Public Sector
    • Pattie Money, Chief People Officer at SendGrid
      Hard Skills and Women in Tech
    • Lindsey Padrino, Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company
      Women in the Workplace: stories, studies, and a call to action

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