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At the CWCC, we foster an empowering, encouraging and supportive environment to advance women in business. That you want the women next to you to succeed as much as you want your own success. This month, we hear from our members on how the CWCC is creating camaraderie, connections and collaboration in the community. Learn about our members,  Montgomery Media Solutions and the Gomez Howard Group, their collaboration and that “our collective voices are so needed in every aspect of society.”

1. Why did they join the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce?

Montgomery Media Solutions and the Gomez Howard Group joined the Colorado Women’s Chamber because we both saw it as an opportunity for our agencies to connect with other women-owned businesses in Colorado.  We believe there’s a great deal to be gained by connecting with those walking similar paths. The Women’s Chamber events and programs provide inspiration as well as great opportunities for networking. It also gives us a chance to share our communications and marketing services with other businesses which will hopefully, help elevate their respective brands.

2. What advice do you have for female leaders finding their voice? 

Never apologize for speaking up and sharing what you know.  Our collective voices are so needed in every aspect of society. More importantly, because of the unique and diverse backgrounds we women share, the need to be authentic and to hear what we have to say is a critical component to moving the needle in a positive direction in so many areas. At the end of the day, it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “Did I fully represent who I am today?  Did I give the day the best I have to give?”  You can only do that by sharing your voice, your thoughts, your wisdom, your questions.

3. How did their partnership/collaboration come into fruition? 

We are longtime friends and have truly collaborated on making each other’s lives more meaningful and successful for the past 23 years.   We first met at CBS4, where Jacque’s news sense strengthened the opportunities Gerri had for community connections, as we both truly believed in raising awareness for critical community programs.  The Women’s Chamber has helped us illuminate the mutual respect and appreciation for each of our areas of expertise. Since launching Montgomery Media Solutions, the firm has turned to Gerri and the Gomez Howard Group for guidance and partnership on projects that require a team approach given their experience, skill and longevity.  Equally, Jacque has brought her strategic mind and vision to the Gomez Howard Group team to enhance the deliverables expected by the various clients.  We have found that our similar work ethic and complementary skill sets have strengthened the services that we each provide to the nonprofit, government and business industry. Our strategic collaboration allows us to pursue new business while enhancing existing partnerships.  Plus, we get to see each other more often!  In our world, partnership brings fun, laughter and friendship to projects that benefit from our collective experience.

To learn more about:
Montgomery Media Solutions, contact Jacque Montgomery at Jacque@montgomerymediasolutions.com
Gomez Howard Group, contact connect@gomezhowardgroup.com


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