Organizing Tips for 2012 and Beyond

By Sally Allen, CWCC Member

Getting Organized is Among the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever telephoned someone and in the middle of the conversation been interrupted by the distracted plea, “Wait a minute, I need to find something to write on,” followed by the sound of rustling papers? Ah, the din of disorganization. How often does it come from you? Now is the time for change.

Here are three basic tips to begin the transformation.
First, and most important, is to schedule time on your calendar to get organized. Otherwise it will continue to be on a wish list and never become a reality. Make an appointment with yourself.
Second, set a deadline for completion of a project (whether it is cleaning out your desk or closet) and work back from there in small, manageable time segments. Be realistic about the amount of time it will take to complete each segment of the project. Schedule on your calendar.
Third, Procrastination can ruin your day. You’ll keep your sanity by addressing important issues first and not worrying about what’s in your inbox until you finish the task at hand. Get the tough task done early, and then enjoy the rest of your day.

Bonus tip #1: Speak little and do much. Don’t make too many promises. Surprise the other person by doing more than expected. NO is a complete sentence!

Studies indicate that the average American spends an hour a day looking for misplaced items or information; information critical to a client or task. Quick fix (maybe not so quick……. but it sounds good) for placement and retrieval.

  1. Purge- throw away the documents you no longer need
  2. Sort- the documents you do want into categories
  3. File- the documents into the categories you created
  4. Create a Home- for the “active” documents that come in on a regular basis

Bonus tip #2: for those of you who need visual reminders try this:

For a lot of loose pieces of paper, use a clip board. You can have one for each area of your life or each project you are working on. Label the clips so you know which is which and hang them on the wall. Underneath the various (but related) scraps of paper clipped together can be a pad of paper which acts like a master list of things to do and remember.

Remember… step at a time to get organized. Don’t go for a complete makeover. Now go and enjoy your new year.

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