Ready for Radiant Health so You Can be Radiant in Your Business?

By Jennifer Nassi, Holistic Health Coach, Clear Skin Diva and CWCC Member


As a holistic health coach (and mom), I often notice female entrepreneurs struggling with how to balance their business and families, and typically they take care of themselves last, if at all. They are running on empty and not feeling at their best, and so feel like they are missing out- missing out on time with their kids, missing out on business opportunities, missing out in their relationships, and missing pieces of themselves.

At this point I have a thriving coaching practice that allows me to serve my clients and have the flexibility I want for my personal life. I work with clients across the country through my Clear Skin Diva Cleanse and Clear Skin Diva Club programs and 1:1 private mentorships. I still get to take my kids to their activities and play with them at the park, spend time with my husband and friends, and find time for me. But it hasn’t always been this way.

In 2008 I was a mom of two young children who was 20 pounds overweight, fatigued, suffering from IBS and dealing with acne (who wants that after high school?!). On top of all of that I was diagnosed with psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disease with symptoms that involve the skin. I had patches behind my knees, on my eyelids, between my fingers, and even in between my buttocks that would itch as well as painfully split and bleed. All in all I was a mess.

My physician told me diet had nothing to do with what I was experiencing and that I should just take my medication and come back when it stopped working to get something stronger. The more I thought about it, however, the more I felt my body had to be telling me something. How could it not all be connected? So I started researching everything I could, and got the support I needed to make major changes to my diet and how I was living my life.

My life is unrecognizable now. I easily lost the weight and healed my fatigue, IBS, acne and psoriasis. I have a stronger marriage and am a happier mom because of my journey. I also found my passion and career as a health coach and have built a successful practice. I frequently say I am thankful that I was diagnosed with psoriasis, because otherwise I would not be where I am today. Plus I now get to successfully take clients on their own transformational journey, helping them not only become radiant in their health but also in their business and personal lives.

So where can you start?
It truly does start with taking care of you. The more filled up and recharged you are, the more you will have to give to all of your roles. The more radiant health you have, the more confidence and energy you will bring to everything you do, including your business.

A few tips for getting started:
1. Start your morning with a glass of water with lemon, ideally about 20 minutes before breakfast. This will help get your digestion going and create a more alkaline (healing) state in your body. You will also get to start the day nicely hydrated.
2. Add greens in as much as possible. They help us cleanse and give us energy. Sneak them in your eggs, stews, pasta sauces, smoothies, wherever and whenever you can! Truly you will notice a huge difference if you do, and your body will thank you.
3. Do one thing for yourself every day. Make a list of things you enjoy- it can be as simple as a walk around the block, calling a friend, buying flowers for you, or enjoying a cup of tea in a fancy cup. You will find you will bring a renewed sense of focus and energy to everything you do if you are nourishing yourself.
4. I invite you to try the Clear Skin Diva 3-Day Jumpstart, a free program for members of the Clear Skin Diva community- it will give you three days of delicious recipes that will truly nourish your body. To make it extra easy, the program includes a meal plan, shopping list, and helpful tips. Even better, do it with a friend! Go get yours at


I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below the blog and let me know what has worked for you, what has been a struggle, and what you are most looking forward to trying.

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Jennifer Nassi, holistic health coach and Clear Skin Diva, helps women get the radiant skin they have always wanted from the inside out. Along the way pounds are lost, energy is boosted, hormones are balanced and being radiant outside AND inside becomes the norm. She is the founder of the Clear Skin Diva 7 and 21-Day Cleanses and Clear Skin Diva Club group program, and offers a limited number of 1:1 private mentorships. Her own journey lead her from being 20 pounds overweight, fatigued, and suffering from IBS, acne (who wants that after high school?!) and psoriasis to loving being in her skin and feeling truly radiant and confident in all areas of her life. Now she gets to help others experience their own transformation. Learn more about her training and style at



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