Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence

By Cynthia James, Transformational Specialist and Author

Let me start by saying that I love being alive. I am excited every day to get up and see what incredible gifts await me. Many people label me as enthusiastic because I am committed to living full out in each moment. I love people seeing me in that way since the etymology of the word enthusiasm actually includes “divine inspiration.” I totally feel inspired and motivated to be all that I came here to be. I remember the first time I took a risk, dared to be vulnerable, and it paid off. I felt like I could fly. It was that moment that I began to explore the possibility that feeling this way was my natural state of being. What came forward was an understanding that the core of who I am is magnificent and infinitely EXTRAORDINARY. That discovery set me off on a path that has me committed to supporting others to experience the same revelation. That is exciting to me. It is powerful to witness someone receive the knowledge that he or she is here to serve and make a difference on this planet.

The book is about moving from the ordinary to the EXTRAORDINARY. It is for busy people who want to become more conscious and successful. By busy, I mean that the plate is full with demands and responsibilities that take up an inordinate amount of time. It is for people who feel overwhelmed, overworked and over-committed. It is for people who feel stuck and want to birth “that something” inside of them that is screaming to be released in exceptional ways. The words that come to mind when I think of being EXTRAORDINARY are exceptional, uncommon, unusual, impressive, remarkable and unexpected.

From my point of view, every person on this planet has the ability to express and radiate these qualities. I cannot see any reason that a person would be born to be ordinary, common, unimpressive or uninteresting. How could that be? If each person is filled with potential and infinite possibilities, there must be a delivery system or systems to fully express the gifts encoded in our consciousness. I am aware of the unspoken belief that some people are better than others or have come here to be spectacular beings. I don’t agree. The people we place on those pedestals are simply the people who remember that they have an EXTRAORDINARY ESSENCE.

I have been teaching, coaching and facilitating for many years and the one thing that I have gleaned is that people want to be successful. They want to live a life that is filled with joy, love, peace and prosperity. They need tools and they are seeking. They need easy-to-understand tools that can guide and support them to stay on track.

The self-help market is huge. Billions of dollars are spent annually on books, workshops, seminars and personal coaching. So, why are people still struggling? That is where my mission comes into play. I am committed in the support of people being inspired, successful and free. My intention is to provide information that will assist you in moving out of intellectual understanding and into heart-centric experiential success. This book is designed to do that.

Whenever I deliver a talk or facilitate a workshop or webinar, I hear the same question: “How can I keep going so that the old habits don’t creep back in and take over my life?”  My answer is always the same: YOU MUST PRACTICE. There is no magical formula or fairy godmother who will drop in and instantly shift a life. Every master in the world practices to stay tuned up. It does not matter if it is sports, entertainment, corporate or academia. The people who inspire us the most are proficient in practice.

We live in a culture that places a lot of attention and advertising dollars on acquiring something. That could mean jobs, relationships, money, power or status. It is wonderful to feel comfortable, but, in my mind, it is better to be joyous and fulfilled. That state comes from being connected to self and being clear about how our thoughts and behaviors affect the environments we inhabit. The EXTRAORDINARY person is awake, available and authentic. That means they are conscious in how they live, respond and express. The truth is, no one is ordinary and everyone has the potential of expressing in a state of the EXTRAORDINARY. Join me as together we “bust the myth” that it is normal to be ordinary and leap into the EXTRAORDINARY life that awaits you.

Editor’s note:  We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to Cynthia’s exciting new book Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence: Practical Tools for Empowered Living.  If you’d like to meet Cynthia and learn more about empowered living, you’ll get your chance at our upcoming High Tea at the Warwick on March 15th.

Cynthia James is a transformational specialist and one of today’s brightest and best loved inspirational leaders and teachers guiding thousands of people to make changes at a deep level for lasting healing in their lives. Ms. James has completed two Master’s Degree programs in Consciousness Studies; one from the Holmes Institute where she was awarded the honor of distinguished alumni, and the other in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She has uniquely combined the creative arts with innovative therapeutic techniques to bring powerful personal growth and expansion to individuals of all ages, cultures, and lifestyles, including facilitating the message of her award-winning book, “What Will Set You Free” as a workshop to women in prisons. To find out more about Cynthia:

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