Shift Your Thinking. Enhance Your Marketing.

By Kathy Sullivan – CWCC member

The fast pace at which we go about our lives robs us of the opportunity to look (or hear), absorb, and then reconsider what we are seeing or hearing so that we may remember that not everything we think is true, correct or even real. Just because we thought it doesn’t make it so.

Taking time – even a second or two – to re-frame our thoughts and conjure an alternate perspective expands our thinking and reminds us of the value that a different perspective offers. There is usually more than one way to do anything anyhow, so why not focus extra effort on seeing and hearing things in a new way? Perhaps in the doing you’ll see other things more clearly. The image above, by the way, is upside down. You are simply viewing it from a different angle.

Kathy Sullivan is President of Six Degrees Studio, a thriving website development studio that offers a different kind of web development experience. Kathy writes and muses often on marketing, branding, strategy, and all things web.  303.246.4052

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