The Entrepreneurial Journey ~ Enjoy the Process

By Terri Mongait, EGC, Begin Again Ranch and CWCC Member

Begin Again Ranch LogoAs we know, starting a business of your own takes risk and courage.  As a small business owner I have realized that I have taken risks my whole life.  In my early thirties I left everything and everyone I knew (including my boyfriend) and moved across the country to California.  (Yes he did follow me and we have been happily married for 21 years).  Just a few years ago I left the corporate world, pursued and received my certification as an Equine Gestalt Coach, moved us again to 6 beautiful acres in Colorado and started my own Equine Assisted Coaching business.

As we know, you don’t just start a business and immediately you are successful, at least not for most of us.  My biggest hurdle has been the need to educate the public on what I do.  I attend as many trade/health shows as I can.  I am in 3 different Chamber Leads groups and I speak whenever invited.  Making your business successful takes passion, courage, tenacity and commitment.  Every single day do something that benefits your business.  For me, right now that means getting consistent with posting on social media.  It does not mean that I must post, tweet, update my status every day.  I have attended many social media classes and am now seeing which one speaks to my business best.  Currently that is Google +.  Research shows that Google+ is the up and comer for business social media.  I am updating my profile, and posting least once a week.  I also recommend using This site helps you determine what the best key words in your industry are to enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Another great tool if you are looking to create a logo is to use  I just completed my contest and received over 100 logo designs from all over the world.  You put up a monetary prize, receive new submissions, and rank them over a few days.  You can even work with your top favorites designers to tweak their submissions and when you pick the winner you own the rights to the winning rendering.  My winning designer was from Indonesia.

In my business, I also have the added “challenge” of recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 5 years ago.  I have not let my occasional processing glitches stop me.  I have surrounded myself with supportive family, friends and colleagues.  And for me, TBI stands for To Be Inspirational.  Enjoy your journey.  Smile a lot!  Be passionate and love life.


About Terri Mongait
Terri Mongait, EGC is a Transitions Life Coach and offers Equine Assisted Counseling at Begin Again Ranch® in Sedalia, CO.  Partnering with her horses, she takes her clients from merely surviving to joyfully thriving.  She will help you identify, accept and overcome the obstacles on your life’s journey.  Terri and the horses give everyone experiencing a life transition the opportunity to achieve a full life through equine interaction and coaching.  She also works with small businesses and offers full and half day Team Building experiences.  Let her help you and your team work better together and reach new heights.  You can reach Terri at 909-489-9654,




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