Tips for generating business in the New Year

By Jayne Sanders, Scientific Hand Analyst and CWCC Member


Take purposeful action! That is the #1 tip I used in 2014 that propelled my business forward, and it will work for many of you in 2015. Here are some of the actions I took:

  • Search groups on and attend as many as possible that resonate with you or seem to fit your client niche. I went to 2-5 meetings a week for several months! I met some great women, generated leads and clients, made some great contributions, had fun, and made new friends. After attending several meetings for each group, it was easier for me to determine which were the best fit, both for my business and for me personally.
  • Join organizations, like CWCC, that feel good, that you feel you can contribute to, and whose members fit your client niche. I have joined 4 organizations in the past year that I enjoy very much.
  • Within my 30-second commercial for these meetings, I requested, “In addition to new clients, I am looking for speaking engagements and for people who would like to host a simple easy home party for their friends and earn a free hand analysis.” The resulting speaking engagements and home parties were a major income source for me, and still are. And, I was able to reach more people and help them discover their life purpose and ideal work! Win-Win!
  • Also pursue speaking engagements through other methods…web search, referrals during networkings, etc.
  • During your speaking engagements (and/or home parties if appropriate), be sure to do 4 things: 1. Offer content of value to the participants. For example, I teach people how to identify markings in their own hands and what those markings mean, they love that! 2. Be fun and engaging. 3. Communicate the benefits of your product or service, and 4. Make a special offer for that day only, and don’t belabor it. Distribute a form for them to fill out…make it easy for them to buy. By the end of your presentation, if you’ve set things up properly with interest and value, many of the participants will want to know how to get more and how much it costs!

I hope these tips are helpful for you! The key is to get out there and go for it. Exposure is the only way for potential clients to learn about you, and nothing beats personal face-to-face rapport. Good luck and Happy New Year!


Jayne Sanders
Scientific Hand Analyst
jayneMain450x600About Jayne Sanders
Jayne Sanders is a Scientific Hand Analyst and Life Purpose Coach who helps people discover their innate life purpose, special gifts, and blind spots for more joy, fulfillment, and abundance. The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain and provide a blueprint for who you are and why you’re here. Clients call it shockingly accurate, amazing, life-changing, cathartic, fascinating! Reach Jayne at 303-828-8333,, or


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