#WomenCrushingWednesday w/ Geri Maroney

Name:  Geri Maroney

Organization:  Big and Brave, LLC 

Title: Founder and CEO 

Community work (board service, volunteering, mentoring, etc.): I mentor young professionals in the advancement of their careers.

CWCC Involvement:  I recently joined CWCC and I am looking forward to engaging with this great community of awesome women.  The strength that women bring to the world is amazing and each one of our stories is a testament to perseverance and self-determination.  I look forward to meeting and working with the members of CWCC.  

The Why: Why do you do what you do/ why are you passionate about your work in our community?  As a cancer survivor, I learned first-hand that healing the emotional wounds from a cancer diagnosis was nearly as difficult as healing the physical wounds. My mission is to empower breast cancer warriors to strengthen soul-nurturing techniques that allow them to release negative emotions, boost courage, and rebuild self-confidence, so they can live inspired lives that bring them joy.  I don’t want them to feel scared.  I want them to be armed with resources to help them navigate the emotional stages of their cancer journey and to know that they are not alone.   

What is one of your biggest challenges that you have overcame, and how did you overcome it?  Breast cancer was my biggest challenge (so far) and I overcame it through personal determination and shear stubbornness to not let cancer “win”.  My story is one of rebirth and reawakening as I learned important lessons along my journey.   

What is your personal motto? After cancer, there is no more deferring dreams or delaying happiness. My motto is “Why Not?’  Instead of asking “why” I might consider doing something, I like to ask myself “why not”. 

Advice for others in business based on what you have learned on your journey:  Trust yourself.  You already have all the strength, courage, and self-determination that you need to succeed.  We all just need to trust ourselves more.  Release your grip and take life as it comes.  Be determined, but flexible.  Give more than you take and be happy everyday.   

What are you most proud of from the last year? I am most proud of the launch of my brand new business, Big and Brave.  My mission to provide inspirational support to cancer warriors is taking shape and I am proud of the progress I have made so far.  Launching and building a business from scratch is no easy task, but I am up to the challenge and I can’t wait to share my message with the world.   

Learn more about Geri, her story, and her work here.

Thank you, MSU Denver for sponsoring the #WomenCrushingWednesday Series!

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