#WomenCrushingWednesday with Heather Howerton

It is with pride for her accomplishments and a tinge of sadness that we announce that Heather Howerton has recently accepted a position as Director of Marketing at Swallow Hill Music. Although we will miss her dearly, we are thrilled that she is able to shine in a new venue. The core of CWCC is about helping women advance in their careers, and as such, we proudly send Heather on her way.

Before she leaves, though, we’d like to recognize her as our next #WCW because she has truly transformed our organization with her visionary leadership!

Here is a note from Heather and some reflections on her time here. 

Dear CWCC Community,
I wanted to share that I have accepted an exciting opportunity as the Director of Marketing at Swallow Hill Music. My last day with the CWCC will be July 28th. While it is with pleasure that I accepted this role, it’s hard to leave a family that I have come to know and love. That’s part of growing up and advancing in business though, right?! I wouldn’t be where I am out or who I am today without this organization, without this incredible team, our members, but in particular, Kristen. She has been an integral part of my development and opened my eyes and mind to the possibilities of what could be and what I can become. She ensured I had the resources to get me there and look at me now!
Heather Howerton
How have you grown during your time at the CWCC and what have you learned about yourself?
I have so many thoughts, but we only have so little time (aka your attention span). This organization, my team, and my role have given me opportunities that have allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. While many may see me as the events person, running around behind the scenes, or “that name I get all those emails from,” or the face of our many programs, there is so much more to my role and time here that have pushed me out of my comfort zone.
The short version –  I have grown my skill set, I have grown out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis (thanks team!), gained valuable leadership skills, and grown in my confidence as a professional and as a person. I didn’t fully understand my strengths or skills sets until our CEO sat me down and pointed it out to me. I was impressed with how she was impressed. She pointed out that I have a unique skillset where I can dream up the vision and then understand what it takes to make it a reality. She also pushed me out of my limiting beliefs to let me see that I can be a CEO one day. If it wasn’t for her, my path and confidence would look a lot different. I also understand more about leadership and what that means to me.
The long version – ask me to a cup of coffee 🙂
What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of being part of an incredible team that has been an integral part of building the chamber into the fantastic organization and community it is today. I always say that we are small, but mighty. Here are a few specifics I am also really proud of:
  • CWCC Young Professionals Advisory Board: I had a vision for this board to become a premier board of Young Professionals that would provide YP’s opportunities for board service, to engage more meaningfully in their community, understand what it means to serve a mission based organization, and uplift other young professionals along their way. I could see the potential impact of YP’s, thus creating a a lot of interest to be part of this board and one that supports the chamber in so many ways. I can leave on my last day knowing that the reality of this board has exceeded my vision and will only continue to do so. I am so proud of our past and present YP board members. It was rocky at times, but we all persevered and can navigate challenges better that come our way. These YP’s are entrepreneurs, leaders in their organizations and our community, they are crushing it and taking names! I look forward to their continued impact on the YP community.
  • Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business: What a bohemoth and rewarding event! In my time here, we have averaged about 800 people at this gala, which has turned into quite the event. Last year, there were pre and post parties and signs, cowbells, standing ovations, etc. at the event. There is so much behind the scenes that goes into this event – logistics, marketing, sponsorship, and working with 25 incredible women (to name a few). It’s a lot, let’s be real. But with that, I’ve always looked at this as a series of opportunities; to meet 25 amazing women, learn their stories and share them with the community, and bringing all types of people together to celebrate badass women! We don’t do this enough.
  • Powerful Voices Conversation Series: This is another one of my “pride and joys.” This program began long before my arrival, and its revamp was under way when I got to the chamber. What I am proud of regarding this series is our partnership with Bank of America. They have redefined what “sponsorship” can look like and mean as we have worked together on this program and as they kick off each program in fun and unique ways that resonate with attendees. It’s also been a pleasure to have the ability to work with high level leaders to bring their stories to life. Everyone has a story, but we just need help sometimes in how we tell that story. Thank you to Bank of America and to all the leaders I have had the pleasure of working with.
What has been the biggest gift of this job? 
My team and the CWCC community.
I have been fortunate to have a team that has become my family. Our work together may be done at the chamber, but it’s not over. They are my family and we will continue to share big life moments, tears, laughter, and happy hours together. They taught me what a supportive team means and I was very intentional on making sure I had that in my next role.
The community is so powerful, supportive, engaging, and amazing! I am so impressed by you all every single day. Thank you for your support, for sharing your ups and downs, and being a part of my daily life for this time. CWCC is not your typical chamber, or business really. Its a community of incredible people who are doing what they can to support our mission of advancing all women in business. Thank you all for everything. You are so inspirational!
How has the CWCC prepared you for your next role?
This role prepared me for my next adventure by allowing me to see in myself my potential, what I can bring to another organization, and giving me the skills and opportunities to get me there. My team has set the bar high for how teams can work and be like family. This community has also set the bar high, but I know the community and team I am going to will fall in line with what I have been working with 😉
While this is my farewell to the chamber, it’s not my final goodbye. I’m still here, doing what I can to create impact in our community, and hope to stay in touch. It’s been an amazing experience to work with you all and see you grow. I’m excited to move onto another family where I can create impact in another area I am very passionate about; music. I truly believe that music has so much power and has played a critical role in my community and life.

Heather’s last day is July 28th, and you will still see her from time to time at future chamber events. Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and/or reach out before she leaves.

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