Wellness Strategies for Team Building Success

By Julie A. McCallen, M.D., President, Cenegenics Denver and CWCC Member

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How can you have a strong business team without vibrant physical health?   When your team members are tired or sick, they are not productive.  It is no secret that as we age our bodies change, but we don’t have to age poorly.  Women begin to lose their hormones in their late 30s to early 40s – manifesting as difficulty sleeping, irritability, and weight gain in the mid-section. We often develop heavier or irregular periods, lower energy, and brain fog. By the time we lose our estrogen, often not until our early to mid-50s, our sense of well-being has changed considerably.

What about the men on your team?  They also begin to lose many of their hormones through their 40s and 50s – sometimes beginning in their mid-30s.  In men this imbalance manifests as accumulation of fat in the mid-section, decreased energy and motivation, loss of strength and muscle, prolonged recovery from workouts, increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, and loss of sex drive.   Overweight, tired, and unhappy people are not nearly as creative and productive as lean, energetic, happy people! 

Health is like a 3-legged stool…nutrition, exercise, and hormone correction are the 3 legs.  If you try to get healthy with just proper nutrition and exercise, you are not likely to succeed if your hormones are not balanced.  You must replace the deficient hormones, balance the biochemistry, and only then will the proper food and exercise actually work.

Cenegenics Denver is a medical institute devoted to the practice of Age Management Medicine, helping patients to get and stay healthy through a personalized program of nutrition, exercise, corrective hormone therapy, and nutritional supplementation. This proactive approach to healthy aging typically results in more youthful energy, improved body composition, better strength and flexibility, clearer thinking, stronger immunity, healthier sex life, and decreased risk of developing the degenerative diseases we normally associate with aging.

Our team begins with an intensive set of diagnostics including bloodwork, physical exam, measurements of strength, flexibility, and balance, cardiovascular fitness testing, bone densitometry, body composition analysis, measurements of vascular health, and cognitive function testing. This detailed evaluation allows us to understand your baseline health strengths and weaknesses, such as adrenal insufficiency, thyroid disease, thickening of the lining of the blood vessels, blood sugar problems, or other issues related to getting older.

From this we build an exercise plan, nutritional plan, and a metabolic plan using bio-identical hormones and pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation to help you to achieve your health goals. Our physicians, exercise/nutrition counselors, and service coordinators interact with you regularly to continue to shape your program as your health improves.

You pay attention to your outer body with microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and injections – now it is time to pay attention to your internal body and get healthy from the inside out. Shouldn’t you have a healthy aging plan to reverse the declines of aging and protect your current productivity and future health?


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