Why Have an Employment Recognition Program?

By Juan Portillo, HR and Marketing Specialist with Boulder Staffing Inc. and CWCC Member

You’ve been working on a project for the past couple of months. After about one hundred cups of coffee, late nights at work, planning, research, editing, and rewrites you’re finally done. You feel like you’ve accomplished something, like you’ve done your job, but there’s something missing. Now that it’s all over, you don’t quite feel that you’ve reached the culmination of all your hard work. It’s not until you hear your boss say “Great job on the project! We couldn’t have done it without you!” that you feel fulfillment.

Appreciation is a basic human need. The desire to feel valued is part of human nature. An employment recognition program seeks to satisfy those basic needs. So not only is it a great method of providing performance feedback, it also communicates to all employees that they are appreciated and that their hard work is valued. Aside from making employees feel good about the work they’ve done, it increases their overall satisfaction with their job and motivates them to keep working hard. Furthermore, it sets expectations and standards for good performance. Simply having an employee recognition program shows all of the employees in the organization that the company cares and is appreciative of the work that they do.

In addition to creating warm fuzzy feelings for employees and increasing productivity for the employer, there are additional benefits that aren’t as obvious. Studies have shown that companies that have an employee recognition program have increased retention. Employees are more likely to stay with an employer that treats them well and acknowledges their value. Companies that have recognition programs also have better safety records, less absenteeism and reduced stress levels. Therefore an employee recognition program can even increase employee health levels.

At Boulder Staffing Inc, it is our goal to provide our clients with the best temporary and direct-hire employees and to place our candidates in positions that help them meet their goals. We have the most hard working, enthusiastic, and talented temporary employees. We intend to keep it that way by continually satisfying the needs of our employees. In early 2010 we launched our Essential StaffCARE benefits that provide our temporaries with dental, vision, medical and short term disability insurance. In January of 2011 we introduced our rapid! Pay Card system to make the payroll process more convenient. In August 2011, we launched our Employee Recognition program to thank all employees for representing our company so well.

What can you do to make you employees feel valued?

Bolder Staffing, Inc. (BSI) and Bolder Professional Placements (BP2) are the regional job-market experts. When it comes to finding qualified temp, temp-to-hire, contract and direct-hire employees in all industries no one is better. Serving the Front Range including Denver and Boulder, BSI possesses an incredibly strong base of qualified people who are ready to work when and where you need them. For employees, we offer competitive salaries and great benefits including paid vacations, holidays, incentive bonuses, continued training, education, and career services. We appreciate our staff and our actions prove it!

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