Fireside Production – A Success Story

By Naomi Binkley, Founder & Managing Partner of Fireside Production and
CWCC Member

FSP NO BACKGROUNDI often say that we started Fireside Production at just the right time.  YouTube was founded in 2005 and really came onto the scene in 2006 – the same year we launched our small video production company here in Denver.  Suddenly, video was widely accessible.  Small businesses, government entities, corporations and non-profits had a new tool to share their work and with the price of professional-grade equipment on the decline, the cost to create high-quality video also became very affordable.

In the years that followed, social media took off and as an emerging business, Fireside was eager to take advantage of the many platforms to share our skills and our story.  In 2008, Denver played host to the Democratic National Convention.  At that time, Fireside Production was still a very small, home-based company.  So, we decided to capitalize on the energy of the convention and produce a video blog each day of the DNC. The goal with each piece was to do what we loved and to try to generate some Fireside buzz.  We succeeded in both.

The Humana freewheelin experience caught our attention.  We loved the concept.  So, Fireside produced a short video blog on the bike-sharing program and some of the other ways the convention was going green.  The communications team at Humana discovered the video and four years later, Fireside Production was hired to produce daily videos for Humana on  freewheelin in both convention cities.  It was a dream come true for Fireside Production.

This experience – and others along the way – proved to us that if you believe in what you do, keep your heart in the right place and take chances to promote your company… amazing things can happen.  Now, inspire us!  We’d love to hear how you are thinking outside of the box to propel your organization forward!

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About Fireside Production:
Fireside Production is a Denver-based video production company that specializes in creating compelling corporate, non-profit, promotional, business events and social media videos at competitive rates.  Fireside Production works closely with each Client to deliver memorable videos that inspire action and drive results.

Contact Information:
Naomi Binkley – Founder and Managing Partner, Fireside Production
Phone: 720.287.2567


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