How Yoga changed the way I do business

By Stephanie Lindquist, CWCC member

I started practicing Yoga in college and have become an increasingly more devoted practitioner as my life has become busier, my business has grown and my kids have entered my life.  My life is complicated – not as much as some but more than many – and I often get asked, “how do you do it all?” The answer? “I don’t.”  My key to managing stress, staying focused and getting it “all” done is yoga. For me, yoga is an appointment, not an option.  I have been seen (and chuckled at) more than once, standing in front of the yoga studio telling someone on the phone “I am walking in to a meeting, can I call you in about an hour and a half?” Honestly, it is a meeting and it is one of the most important meetings that I take every day.  I have found over the years it has become increasingly important to balance work, life and health.

Studies have shown time and again that a) on average our society is getting more sedentary as we increasingly take jobs where we sit at a desk all day and b) exercise helps people live more productive lives with regards to their work.  For this reason, I have made a commitment that as my company grows so will the benefits that we offer.  I am looking forward to the day when I can offer not only health care but fitness cards to my employees. Starting this fall, when some of my staff members will be transitioning to full time, I will begin offering a health club membership reimbursement as part of their benefit package. At Firebrand, fitness is not just a luxury, but I expect my employees to use the benefits and they are all encouraged to take time out of their workday to exercise. It benefits them, and it benefits Firebrand.

Personally, I get much more done in a 30 hour work week when I take time to exercise, because my mind is focused and I can go into the evening and transition to “Mom-Mode” with much less stress. The weeks that I don’t get to the yoga studio and onto my mat (or on my bike) at least 4 times, I notice it! I am more scattered, distracted and stressed. I also end up working way too many hours, sometimes late at night, and end up very frustrated by Friday. I firmly believe that regular exercise enables us to work smarter and more efficiently, allowing us to get more done in less time.  If you are not into yoga, check out walking clubs, bike to work a few days a week, or consider a treadmill desk so you can walk while working.

In Colorado, we are very lucky to have the world’s best fitness facilities, trail systems, and mountain ranges. My advice? Get out there and enjoy being a Coloradoan and help us keep our standing as the Nations Fittest State! It is good for you, good for work and great for the economy.

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