Skipping breakfast? Your job performance may be at risk!

By Reagan Dean, CWCC Member

Are you stressed for time and skipping breakfast? Are you grabbing that quick to go mug filled with American’s favorite coffee beverage? Do you slump mid-afternoon and turn to another cup of joe or quick packaged food like substance for a pick me up? It is estimated that 40% of adults skip this important meal.

You may be not only damaging your body, but also your job performance.  Research shows that eating breakfast can help your brain function better, help to sustain energy throughout the day, and manage your weight. Eating breakfast helps improve memory and concentration and the ability to solve complex problems.  Also, adults that eat breakfast are less likely to become distracted and experience accidents at work.

A healthy breakfast should always include servings of protein, fiber, one fruit, one vegetable, and a calcium source. If you have a hard time sitting down to eat a few eggs with a side of whole grains, fruit and side salad, maybe you will drink your breakfast on the go.  By adding a healthy smoothie made up of organic fruits and vegetables, a Complete Meal Replacement, and a healthy plant milk, you can start your day out with a balanced meal that will sustain you and help you to perform better all day long.  It is important to balance carbs and protein, not just drink a protein shake.  Protein feeds your muscles and carbs feed your cells.  After a night of rest, it is important to “break the fast” with a good balance to start your day off right.

Investing in a high quality blender and having some fresh and frozen produce on hand makes it easy to quickly keep you operating at peak performance.

Here is a great recipe that is loaded with nutrients to start your day out with success:

The Berry Green Getcha Going Machine
1 cup skim milk or other plant milk (soy, almond, coconut, rice)
1/2 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
1 scoop vanilla Juice Plus+ Complete shake
1 splash or 2 of orange juice
1 large handful baby spinach or kale leaves (you won’t be able to taste them)
1 banana
ice or water to thin if desired

Blend 15-20 seconds in blender until frothy.

Reagan Dean is a Certified Health Educator and National Marketing Director for Juice Plus+ nutritional products.  She is a National speaker and loves that she gets to help people get and stay healthy! For more information, please visit

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