Is Networking and Relationship Building Overrated – Why Is It Important?

By JoAnn Hatheway, Regional Sales Consultant for American Group and
CWCC Member

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Why is networking important?  Simply put – to grow and sustain your business.  We all know that people do business with people they know and trust.  If customers like you and trust you, they will continue to buy from you.  But I view networking and relationship building as having a much higher importance in my business.

Every time I met a new person; I ask myself – “How can I contribute to the success of this person or this business.”  I try to find good Power Partners for them, business leads, trends that I see in my business that would be helpful for them.  Something I know that they could benefit from.  As I build the relationship, I look for ways that I can help their business grow.

One organizational tip I have learned when meeting new people is to always get a business card from each person I meet.  All pertinent information is on the card; contact info, address, phone number, name, title and maybe a picture of the person (to help me remember them).  Then I enter the information into an excel spreadsheet that has the above information as well as where I met the person and any notes or comments.

I love the excel format because I can sort by any heading.  Say I just meet Audra, and her business is in need of a bookkeeper.  I know a couple of bookkeepers that I have done business with, but Audra is looking for someone on her side of town.  I can pull up my list and sort by city.  Hopefully I have a contact of someone in her part of town.

My goal everyday is to meet new people, correspond with people and talk to people.  I have found that my business grows stronger over time.  Having loyal relationships and helping others is the best way I know how to grow and sustain my business.

How has networking and relationships helped you in your business?  Would love to hear your ideas and tips – I invite you to share your stories.

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