Maximizing Your Video Investment – Offline

By Naomi Binkley, Co-Founder, Fireside Production

A great video is only as effective as your strategy to attract viewers.  You must have a complete plan to get that piece in front of as many viewers as possible to maximize your video investment.  I recently posted a blog titled Maximizing Your Video Investment packed with ways to promote your video online through YouTube’s video sharing options, email, newsletters and blogs.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways to share your video message off-line.

–        Events – Many of Fireside Production’s non-profit Clients, in particular, create their videos specifically for fundraising events.  The piece debuts at the event to inspire that emotional connection with the organization and generate support.  There are fundraising events, galas, awards ceremonies… and these Clients typically then move into promoting their videos online.  It can work the opposite as well.  If you have a piece that showcases your organization’s mission or product on your website, use it at your speaking engagements and conferences to engage the audience and set the tone for your event.

–        Trade Shows & Lobby Displays – Fireside Production can create a DVD copy of your video set to loop for display at a trade show or in your company lobby.  Guests at your booth or reception area can gain a lot by even watching for a few moments.  Consider it a quick promotional opportunity.  Those trade show and lobby viewers will hopefully be motivated to visit your website to learn more or watch the piece in-full.  The visuals will grab their attention even if the sound is turned down for the sanity of the lobby receptionist!  

–        Mailers & Giveaways – In the right environment, a take-away is a very nice touch.  If you’re holding an event or hosting a booth at a trade show, consider giving attendees a copy of your video on a zip drive or DVD.  You can include a copy in your next mailer to prospective donors or customers.  Put out a few extra copies of the DVD on your reception desk or include in information packets.

–        Broadcast – Many of our Clients have broadcast their videos on local stations including the primary networks, public access channels and Comcast.  It’s worth investigating the opportunities out there and the varying price-points for airtime.  Fireside Production has also edited media b-roll footage of news-worthy events and stories for our Clients to include with press releases for the local television news stations.  We have even seen some of this media b-roll air on the national news networks.  Producing media b-roll from existing footage is very affordable and a fantastic way to publicize your organization or event.

These are proven ways to share your video production offline.  Couple these with a comprehensive online strategy and you’re well on your way to maximizing your video investment.  Be creative.  Be thorough.  That initial groundwork will really pay-off and that’s the point… to ensure your video is working for you.

For more ideas on how to maximize your video dollars visit the previous blog article by Naomi that explores video and social media.

Join in the conversation… how are you sharing your video productions?  We’d love to hear from you.

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