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By Lori Hanson, Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, Stress, Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Learn2Balance and CWCC Member


It’s that time of year. The month when time flies by so fast with so many additional events, parties and things on the To Do List you don’t even know how you got through it. That means the New Year is right around the corner. Have you started to think about what you want to accomplish in 2014?

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect, reevaluate and reach for your goals. New Year’s Day is like a sacred holiday for me. I take time to reflect on what goals I achieved in the last year. After investing some analysis in what worked and what didn’t to help me reevaluate the direction I’m headed in all aspects of my life. I’m ready to set the goals I want to reach in the next 364 days. There are several creative techniques I use to keep those goals top of mind and measure my progress toward reaching them—because it makes it more fun.

It’s important to set goals in all areas of your life (financial, career, personal health, relationships, social, recreational and spiritual) to keep you from getting lopsided. However as you begin the process of setting new goals you may notice that something that was really important last year doesn’t require as much focus this year. That’s a beautiful thing that facilitates the juggling act of helping you keep all the balls in the air.

When you contemplate the three “Rs” of goal setting for your business in 2014 ask yourself these questions:


  • What am I most proud of achieving in my business or career in 2013?
  • What goals did I meet or exceed? (Be sure to give yourself a big “atta girl!” for these.)
  • What goals were missed and why? (Market changes, staff changes, direction changes, not enough focus)


  • Am I passionate about my work? If not, is it time for a change?
  • What lessons did I learn this year that can be used to refocus my efforts and help me be more successful in my business?
  • What is the one area that requires more of my attention moving forward?

Reach (for your goals)

  • What is my number one business priority for 2014?
  • What strategic goals are essential to growing my business?
  • What tactical steps do I need to take to be innovative, adjust to new technology and thrive vs. merely surviving in 2014? (Take a class, hire a coach)

These are just a few questions to get you started and positioned to expand your thinking beyond what you might typically do. Often the process of strategic planning, setting goals and quotas becomes stale and redundant.

Now…if you want to take a quantum leap in your success in 2014 there are two secret ingredients you’ll need: nutritional balance and gratitude. You won’t reach your destination driving a vehicle that’s running on empty and overdue for maintenance. And gratitude—is simply magic.

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