Why Setting Personal Goals for 2014 Will Make a Huge Difference for Your Business- and How to Get Started

By Jennifer Nassi, Owner, Clear Skin Diva and Hormone Cure Coach and
CWCC Member


The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year: what we have accomplished, what didn’t quite go the way we wanted it to, and what we can do differently to be more successful. We might include on our goal list getting new clients and bringing in a certain amount of revenue in the first quarter. But what about personal goals, and how do they relate to business success?

When we don’t put our own health and happiness at the top of the priority list, it is challenging (to say the least) to have the energy and focus to accomplish our business goals. We can feel disorganized, fatigued, have out-of-control cravings that lead to out-of-control mood swings, and more. It is hard to feel like the confident and successful go-getter that we want to be in our business when we are run down.

But when we think about putting ourselves first, we often tell ourselves things like, “I don’t possibly have the time”, or, “once I am successful then I can relax”, or, “it is just too hard”.

What if it didn’t have to be hard? What if you could make the time? What if you experienced a deeper sense of peace and relaxation now that would allow you to bring forth your full creative potential in your business? What would be possible for you if you woke up every day feeling energized, focused, and, dare I say, excited?

I believe you can have both business success and a healthy and fulfilling personal life. In fact, I believe it is imperative to be working toward your personal goals if you want to meet your business goals this next year. So where to start?

1.     Get more sleep.

This is the number one place where a small shift can yield a big change. Not getting enough sleep means your body is unable to fully rejuvenate and recharge, plus it throws your hormones off balance. Even if you just start with an extra 15 minutes a night, you will notice a difference in your energy and mood. Promise.

2.     Curb the caffeine and sugar.

Can there be health benefits to chocolate and caffeine? Sure, but not if you are depending on them to get through your day. At that point any health benefits are out the window, because you are on a blood sugar rollercoaster (which throws your hormones off balance) and a world of stress is being created in your body. Before you go into deprivation mode, here are a few suggestions: switch to green tea and gradually wean yourself off caffeine. Enjoy herbal teas- one of my favorites is rooibos chai. Need something more robust? Try Teeccino, a roasted herbal coffee. As for sweets, try naturally sweet foods like dates, fruit, and sweet potatoes. And yes, you can still have some chocolate- spoil yourself by getting high quality chocolate, and make sure it contains at least 70% cacao.

3.     Think about what really nourishes you besides food.

So often we go to food when we are stressed, excited, sad, angry, or nervous. Feeling low or unmotivated? Think about what charges you up. What are the activities that help you feel great? Who are the people in your life that you love talking to or spending time with? Start filling yourself up with nourishing activities that help you feel the way you want to feel, instead of food that leaves you in the end feeling worse than you did before. The more you put your attention on how you want to feel, and the more energy and excitement you will have to bring both into your business and your life.

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Jennifer Nassi, Clear Skin Diva and Hormone Cure Coach

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As a holistic health coach Jennifer helps women eat and live their way to hormonal balance bliss and unleash the full, radiant expression of who they are. Her clients discover the foods and products that work best for their body and reduce stress without feeling deprived so they can experience glowing skin, easy weight loss, improved moods, boosted energy and more.  They also find their way back to who they are at their core, which brings them peace, joy, and clarity around their passion and purpose. For her clients, being radiant on the outside AND inside becomes the norm.

Jennifer’s own journey lead her from being 20 pounds overweight, fatigued, and suffering from IBS, acne (who wants that after high school?!) and psoriasis to loving being in her skin and feeling truly radiant and confident in all areas of her life. Now she helps others experience their own transformation.

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