Planning Your Next Chapter

By Kami Guildner, President Syzygy Consulting & Coaching and CWCC Member

TRecall the moments of 2012 that rocked your world.  Take stock in the gifts of life that brought meaning this past year.  And give gratitude.  Consider what you want to carry forward into 2013 and beyond.  What do you want more of?  What would you like to manifest in your life?

For now is a perfect time to start shaping your next chapter.  It might be that you’ve worked hard in a career that’s provided you with many blessings, although you’re starting to see glimpses of a new stage in life.  Perhaps, life delivered unexpected changes that shook your world.  Or perhaps you just know you need to do something different, but you’re not certain what that might be.

Where do you start?  You start with you!!  The magnificence of you – what you’re best at – your strengths, your values and your passions!  You ponder in the moments that have moved you – whether it was this year, or twenty years ago.  You look beneath the stories that have shaped your life and seek their inherent meaning.  For your path is your own, and you have traveled exactly where you were destined.

But alas, you can shape your next chapter.  All of your life experiences to date are the foundation of what is to be.  You only need arrange this foundation in a direction that you’d like it to lead.  Block, by block – you can uncover the bricks that can shape your future.  A future with purpose.  A future with meaning.   A future with passion!

Imagine this future.  Can you think of a better Christmas gift to yourself?  Perhaps it is time to invest in your own inspired future.  Kick off your 2013 with the gift of a 3-month coaching program.  We’ll meet weekly uncovering the “Essence of You.”  You’ll gain clarity on who you are at your very core – and how these gifts of you can unfold new possibilities in your life.  I’ll help you step outside of your own box of what you do, into who you are – expanding your breadth of imaginable dreams.  Then together, we’ll narrow the options into a clear vision of your next chapter.  We’ll design the path to help you get there – step-by-step, stage-by-stage.

This is my own gift that I can give back to the world.  Making a difference in people’s lives – and reconnecting them to their very essence is so rewarding to me personally.  The synchronicity of possibilities that occurs when people are connected to their passions, values and strengths still amazes me.

One of my clients called me recently from her new beachfront cottage – with the ocean breeze blowing into the phone, and her dog splashing in the waves.  “Thank you!  Thank you!” She shouted above the soothing background sounds of the ocean, her bare feet playing in the sand.  This was the vision she painted a year ago – a move across country to back East… in a cottage… on the ocean.  She’s reconnecting back to her roots and has a new role in a company that she’s loved for years.   She painted that vision in the quiet of my Evergreen living room.  Today she is living it.

Another one of my clients recently launched her own business providing marketing services to wellness and health companies.  Her path from a high tech marketer to one focused on making a difference in the lives of others, combined her own solid foundation of 20+ years of marketing with her love of wellness.  Today, she’s helping healthy companies grow. Today she’s connecting people to healthier life styles.  She’s making the difference in the lives of many.

I received an e-mail from this client just this morning that said, “My new business is feeling so perfect and right for me. It seems that this is the path that I was supposed to be on, and YOU helped me find it!”

This is why I do what I do.  I love helping people through their own discovery, their own reconnections.  I love watching the doors begin to open, once someone has gotten clear on their purpose.  I love seeing new possibilities unfold and manifest in perfect timing.

Is 2013 your year?  Let’s start! Schedule your Complimentary Consultation to start discovering your next chapter!

Kami Guildner, President of Syzygy Coaching and Consulting, has been in the Colorado foothills for over 20 years.  Kami helps people uncover their passions and discover their purpose to guide them to an inspired future.  Her consulting and coaching agency, Syzygy, is grounded in the experience of stories, nature, passions and the power of positive – opening new doors for new visions. Kami is a Certified Equine Guided Educator and trained in Appreciative Inquiry change management methodology.  Visit the Syzygy Web site at or contact Kami directly at 303-670-7244,

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