Top 10 Reasons Why Navigating a Job Search During the Holidays is the Best Gift

By Aimee Cohen, Owner, Cohen Career Consulting and CWCC Member

Holiday Job SearchDespite the high unemployment rate, negative media and political messages, and overall doom and gloom about the job market, the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is a successful job search.  During this time of year, it’s common to think of everyone else first, to be easily distracted, and to put your job search on ice until January.  Use this time of year to your advantage, and start the New Year off with a new job.  Navigating a job search is never easy, but here are the top 10 reasons why now is the time to put your job search on steroids and kick it into high gear.

1)      Many job seekers take a break during the holidays, which means your competition for job opportunities is a fraction of what it is during the rest of the year.

2)      Many organizations need to make critical hiring decisions by December 31st in order to meet their approved budget deadlines.

3)      There are an abundance of parties and social gatherings, otherwise known as prime networking opportunities.

4)      Things are usually slower at work, and if you’re an employed job seeker, it gives you more time to look for a new job.

5)      People are filled with the holiday spirit, more relaxed and laid back, and are more willing to answer their own phones, return emails, and get together for coffee and cocktails.

6)      Holiday cards are a great way to keep in touch with quality connections, reconnect with recruiters, and stay on the radar of important decision-makers.

7)      Use the downtime wisely to research companies and industries, update your stale resume, send invitations to connect on LinkedIn, and position yourself perfectly for the busiest hiring month of January.

8)      Employees take time off during the holidays which creates additional opportunities for part-time, contract, or temporary assignments that gets your foot in the door and showcases your strengths.

9)      In the spirit of giving, there are countless opportunities to volunteer your time and talents to help others, and it in turn helps job seekers gain perspective, feel useful and productive, network and make new connections.

10)   Keeping the job search going strong during the holiday season also keeps the momentum going and demonstrates your tenacity, determination, and commitment to finding a new job.

Even though the eggnog is flowing, the lights are twinkling, and your neighbors are caroling, it’s critical to stay focused and engaged in your job search.  It’s possible, and strongly recommended, to enjoy the holidays and conduct a positive and successful job search at the same time.  Give yourself the best gift of the season…a brand new job.

Aimee Cohen is a Career Expert, Coach, and Speaker.  She owns Cohen Career Consulting, is a contributing writer for the Denver Business Journal, has appeared on Channel 7 and Channel 4 News, and was featured in Denver Woman magazine.  For more than 18 years, she has coached clients in personalized one-on-one consultations, led outplacement transition seminars for Fortune 500 companies, and delivered dynamic career-related presentations to audiences of all sizes.  With a nearly 100% success rate, Aimee empowers people to implement a strategic step-by-step action plan with proven techniques that generate results.  She transforms “job seekers” into “job finders”.  Find out more at

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