Social Media Strategy…What Works for CWCC

By Kate Jenkins, Event, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator for CWCC

“Embrace what makes you different; that’s how people will remember you.” – Beki Winchel, Writer at PR Daily

The digital world we currently live in is overrun with social media (SM) outlets, all waiting for you to share your message in their outlet’s unique way.  However, just because it’s available, does not mean it is necessarily right for you and your business. A great SM strategy is to simply LEARN. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but if you dive into the online world, you will find it really is there to help you – not hurt you.

A great place to start is to decide if your business should even be on social media – the answer for most should be YES. Do you have a person willing to devote the time it takes to not only start your SM presence but to maintain it? You will be surprised by how much planning, discovering, sharing, content creation, etc. goes into SM efforts. Make sure the time you are going to put into your outlets isn’t wasted. Once your sites are up and active – don’t ignore them. People love interaction. If you can’t afford the time to give them an appropriate amount of attention, wait until you can.

You will notice trends among the different sites. They each have their own style of posting, promoting, followers/members, etc. To start, utilize the sites that you think your audience will be more inclined to use. From there, you can gauge which outlets you should continue to post content on and will be better able to formulate what messages to post where.

Don’t saturate your audience with the same message on each outlet. Refrain from posting the exact same content on two or more sites. Each site is original; therefore, each post should be original. They can be related, but highlight the site’s features to make your post stand out. Not every message should be shared on every site. Some will cater more to Twitter than to Facebook for example. Be sure to establish your voice. Meaning, decide if you are going to be less formal with your messaging or more so. Your voice will vary depending on which outlet you are using.

You will start to notice more SM trends when you become more familiar and active online. It never hurts to expand your SM presence. But pay attention to see if your audience is responsive. If not, it may not be the site for you, and with so many options available, that’s okay.

My advice – open your browser and explore! Somewhere on the internet is an answer for any question you might have about SM. There isn’t a right way or a wrong way. Just your way. Make it your own and don’t be afraid to be unique.

Do you have some advice on what works for your business?  Please share your SM strategy with me!


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Kate Jenkins
Event, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator
Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

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