Video Marketing – Benefits and Basics

By Joyce Feustel, Founder, Boomers’ Social Media Tutor and CWCC Member

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After nearly a year of planning, I have joined the world of video marketing. Have you?

In this blog post, I will share just a few of the many benefits of video marketing. Plus I will provide some tips on preparing to create videos and then promoting those videos.

Benefits of Video Marketing
There are many benefits to using video marketing. Even on an anecdotal level, people will tell you they are more apt to share a post on Facebook with a video in it than just a text post.

In his May 28, 2014 article “10 Benefits of Video Marketing” in Marketing Technology Blog, author Douglas Karr points out:

  • Video allows you to connect emotionally with the viewer
  • Video is searchable.
  • Customers watch videos. Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google?

See his entire article at

Marisa Dube in her June 24, 2014 article in Nectafy echoes many of the points in Karr’s article. Other points she makes are:

  • Videos are more memorable than text.
  • Videos build trust with consumers
  • People like the “show and tell” aspect of videos.

See her entire article at

Some Basics of Creating and Promoting Videos

  • Research the topics that your viewing audience might want to know about.
  • Narrow the scope of the topic – most people won’t watch a video longer than a few minutes, at the most.
  • Decide whether you have the skills and setup to make your videos or if you will engage the services of a professional videographer
  • Set a target completion date for your videos, and budget the necessary time and funds needed.
  • Get suggestions from people who have done some video marketing.
  • Select an appropriate setting for the creation of your videos. It needs to be free of distracting items and background.
  • Rehearse, a lot. Bring your natural style and energy to the video creation process. Remember to smile.
  • Create a YouTube channel for your company if you don’t already have one and post your videos to your channel.
  • Publicize your videos via social media, your newsletter, and emails to business colleagues and friends
  • Ask business colleagues and friends for feedback on your videos so that you know what went well and where improvements can be made for the next time you create a video.

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As mentioned earlier, feedback is welcome!

Please share what your experience has been with video marketing.


Joyce Feustel, Founder
Boomers’ Social Media Tutor



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