What is the opposite of giving? How web and social media impact business.

By Kathy Sullivan, CWCC Member

According to the fine folks at Colorado Biz Magazine Online, “taking” is not the answer to the question above.  The answer has to do with the way web and social media are impacting the way we do business.

Business has evolved drastically from even twenty short years ago when a ‘take’ mentality was commonplace. It’s gratifying to learn that we’ve shifted to a “give and receive’ attitude instead. Sharing information, actively contributing to others (be they customers, prospects, or strangers) in a way that is relevant and vital is the new connectedness. If we give, they will share – and this is key. It allows all of us to be influenced by new people and new ideas and it provides a forum for us to influence.

Marketing strategies will shift in response to the real-time consumption of information and their real-time responses to those real-time offerings. Sounds fast to me, and that’s the point. Strategies will be designed not to be perfect down to the last tactic, but instead lightening quick and best we can in a moment in time. We’ll be working to keep up with, keep ahead of (hopefully) and being involved with customers in a much more direct fashion that ever before because of our newfound connectedness with them.

When we strive to build a business by contributing to others, great things are achieved.

According to the video, he with the most connections wins. Best get going organizing your list and considering what content you can create to share with others.

Watch the video here:  http://www.cobizmag.com/videos/view/the-connected-decade/

Kathy Sullivan is President of Six Degrees Studio, a thriving website development studio that offers a different kind of web development experience. Kathy writes and muses often on marketing, branding, strategy, and all things web. www.sixdegreesstudio.com  303.246.4052

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